Children's Book: "People Who Live in a Pizza"

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Children's Book "People Who Live in a Pizza" Reviews

Encouraging a child to read is essential for developing young minds. The “People Who Live in a Pizza” kids' book will assist children in building a lifelong love of reading. The children’s book “People Who Live in a Pizza” is delivered directly to your email. You can place the book into any device. “People Who Live in a Pizza” can be downloaded for only $1.00. This book is the perfect mix of technology and reading.
Barry Cohen
Review by Barry Cohen, Los Angeles, California - August 2004
“People Who Live in a Pizza” creates a marvelous and enchanting world for young readers.
Follow the adventures of Peter Pepperoni and his friends in their pizza world. The illustrations are brightly colored and bring the characters to life. “People Who Live in a Pizza” engages the imagination of everyone who read this book.
Barry Cohen is a teacher's aide in Los Angeles, California.
Stacy Mayfield
Review by Stacy Mayfield, Dallas Texas - January 2009
David Kroe has created a world of amazement and creative magic with "People Who Live in a Pizza" children's book this a fantastic adventure from start to end. Meet Peter Pepperoni and his amazing friends. Has we jump ahead a few pages you are introduced to Lasagna Lou. He always has fun and exciting things to do.
The text introduces children to many new words and is accompanied with beautiful pictures through out the book. Every page is carefully illustrated and words carefully chosen to make this book a classic work literature that will last forever in the hearts of kids and parents.
Stacy Mayfield is a mother in Dallas, Texas

Kids Book "People Who Live in a Pizza" Reviews

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