Children's Book: "People Who Live in a Pizza"

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Children's Book: "People Who Live in a Pizza" History

Truth be told no human really knows the true history of pizza. Pizza may have started with any civilization that figured out how to blend flour along with water and then heating it with a hot stone. It is possible the Greeks, Romans, Phoenician or any other society is responsible for the origination of pizza.

The beginning of pizza history is truly a giant mystery. Many historians believe their history of pizza origins to be correct. When researching the history of pizza I examined the writings of many historians. Each of them had many different ideas of how pizza originated.

As the owner of this website I was unable to determine who had the correct version of pizza history. In my opinion, it does not matter who was correct and who, wrong. I am a lover of pizza and all things pizza. Where pizza started out does not matter. What matters is how pizza brings us together has a pizza a community.

It is possible someone in the future will discover the early history of pizza. Is that person going to be you?

Children's Book "People Who Live in a Pizza" History of Pizza

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