Children's Book: "People Who Live in a Pizza"

Children's book characters Peter Pepperoni Sausage Al and Barbara Broccoli waving helloChildren's books characters Sausage Al and Peter Pepperoni stay dry under a mushroom umbrella while a sauce showers come down
January 20, - National Cheese Day
February 9, - National Pizza Pie Day
March 22, - National Broccoli Day
March 26,- National Spinach Day
April 19, - National Pepperoni Day
July 16, - Fresh Spinach Day
July 29, - National Lasagna Day
April 6, - National Tomato Day
August 31, - International Bacon Day
September 5, - National Cheese Pizza Day
September 16, - Guacamole Day
October - National Pizza Month
Ocotber 11, - Sausage Pizza Day
Ocotber 24, - National Food Day
November 12, - National Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day

Children's Book: "People Who Live in a Pizza" Days

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