Children's Book: "People Who Live in a Pizza"

Peter Pepperoni and Sausage Al going walking in the pizza worldChildren's book "People Who Live in a Pizza" Front Cover.

Children's Book "People Who Live in a Pizza" About Author

David was born in 1973 in the city of New York and is the youngest child in his family. As a kid, he was diagnosed with dyslexia, and having to overcome this challenge ultimately gave him a special appreciation for other children with learning difficulties.

Because New York City is a large metropolitan city, David had many opportunities to visit the city's world-class attractions. One of his favorites was the Metropolitan Museum Of Art where he spent many hours viewing the ever changing exhibits. As a child, he also would spend hours and hours at the midtown Manhattan retail toy store, FAO Schwartz where he experienced the popular educational and pretend children's toys he enjoyed.

Growing up in New York City, David met many people, some even famous and admired. He developed many long-lasting friendships that continue to this day. All of David's friendships are important to him and as any reader can tell, they are reflected in his writing.
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